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........Where Prodigies  DON'T happen by Coincidence

Our School's Philosophy and Why Christian Prodigies is the BEST:

Each student is put
immediately on the path to
learning who they really are
from within.  They work
towards developing their
individual, God-given talents
(something that looks
different for every child, hence the reason for extremely small, controlled
ratios).  They have high expectations and are taught to pursue each goal purposefully.

Our students have ZERO ties to Pagan-based activites, and will be taught the gospel free from traditional lies.  This includes Christmas, Easter, Halloween, Valentine's Day, Gregorian calendar, False Sabbaths, popular misunderstandings, etc.  They are taught stellar scripture mastery skills and learn first hand the TRUE meaning of being a Christian through frequent service activities/acts of love and not just through scripture reading.     

Our school offers so much more than just an education.  The goal is to not just pass every California state standard.  Our goal is not even to merely provide the best childhood experience/education.  The ultimate goal is to perfect each child to their potential and, with each event, with each lesson, each experience, each child... CHANGE THE WORLD.  We are looking to enroll families who would like to participate in the same goals and mindset.  Call us and enroll today!!!

Proverbs 22:6 
"Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart"

 Jesus Christ is the core philosophy of our school. We believe that it is FAR MORE important to be trained in God than in anything else.  While excelling in
other worldly aspects is provided here as the well-rounded perk, the 
approach is to put God's instruction first, then trust the Creator to develop His children into their best (and not what the world believes SHOULD be their best).
This unique school is specifically designed for families that realize, traditional public/private school does not work best for their needs.  Reasons may include religious/ethical standards being compromised, lack of schedule flexibility, zero accomodations to different learning styles/levels, too many children in one
class, objection to content taught,
objection to mandated vaccinations, busy
work overload, sitting at a desk for too
long, not enough play time, no real
preparation for adulthood, and 
MANY other reasons not listed
This is a California private school that
teaches students from a home-based
setting, aka Homeschooling.  This means
an entire school dedicated to just
ONE CLASSROOM until each child
graduates.  Children of similar age groups
and learning levels come together in an
extremely structured AND socialized
classroom.  Picture small class ratios (6 students total), individual tutors, customized grade-level+ curriculumMULTI-WEEKLY fieldtrips, social gatherings with other children, a solid Christian upbringing, an array of electives, frequent hands-on learning, and the best preparati on skills for adulthood .  This school is essentially THE BEST OF ALL SCHOOL SETTINGS!!!

A typical day includes 4 hours of indoor Christian-based academic classroom time and 4 hours of outdoor purposed-based exploration/social playtime.  Classroom time includes; daily spiritual lessons, individual tutors, a customized curriculum, elective courses, preparation courses, service projects, and ample hands-on-learning.  Children here don't just learn from textbooks, or on a whiteboard.  In literally every subject, children get out and EXPERIENCE what they're learning.  For families that would like to take time off for trips/family time/work etc, or don't want the burden of sticking to strict routines, flexibility is 100% accomodated for. 
Let us bring out the PRODIGY in your child

We believe in the right to choose and  DO NOT require for our Prodigies to be vaccinated for any of our programs, however all are welcome to attend whether they are vaccinated or not.

License # 198019273

Promotional Rate for our OFFICIAL FIRST YEAR: ALL 2017/2018 programs
                                     Regular Price                     Discounted Price
    Private School                $1500/mo      $1250/mo
   Sabbath Service Day        $250/mo           $ 50/mo
    Dance  Class (Hula)           $50/mo            $25/mo  
    Homeschool Group         Free to Join         Free!!!
           Program Dates and Spots Available:
   Private School Prodigies (9/18/17 - 6/5/18)          Open  
   Dance Class (School Year 2018/19)                        Open
   Sabbath Service Day (Starting Jan 2018)       Call for Availability

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Christian Prodigies Junior Academy

    Phone:           (949) 214-4764

     Address:      (Private Address)
                               La Mirada, CA

    Hours:      Mon              9:00a  -  4:00p
                          Tues             9:00a  -  4:00p
                          Wed             9:00a  -  1:00p
                          Thurs           9:00a  -  4:00p
                           Fri                 9:00a  -  4:00p 

                                   Operating hours change March 2018

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