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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Christian Prodigies Junior Academy? 
Christian Prodigies Junior Academy is a HOME-BASED Private School of only one small classroom (6 students total for the 2017/2018 year).  This means complete dedication to ONE CLASSROOM EVER until each prodigy graduates high school! This school uniquely provides the most beautiful collaboration of a STRUCTURED PRIVATE SCHOOL, frequent 1-on-1 TUTORING, CUSTOMIZED SCHOOLWORK,  and daily SOCIAL INTERACTION OUTDOORS (typically with Homeschoolers).   This extremely small capacity helps to ensure optimal results in the most controlled of environments.  We don't believe in holding back any child's potential simply because it is the social norm.  It is very likely that many of our students will be graduating early (before reaching 18yrs old) and will exceed every 12th grade-level standard.

What other programs do you provide outside of your private school program? 

1.        Our Homeschool Group:  "SOCAL CHRISTIAN HOMESCHOOLERS"   -    FREE!!!

This group is available to all like-minded individuals who want to make a difference in the world.  Most events, however are catered to homeschooled children.  Events include; field trips, fun trips, outreach programs, service projects, occupational learning sites, social gatherings, and any event that involves a Christlike contribution to the world.  This group is completely free to join.  Field Trip destinations occassionally involve a fee.  No location boundaries, no weekly commitments, no specific homeschool styles, religion, etc. We just ask for everyone to be nice and respectful.

For more information please visit our our Facebook group for more details:

2.          Parent's Night Out - Weekend Childcare:  Fridays and Saturdays, 6p - 9p      
            Weekend childcare is provided for families with school-aged children (6-13yrs).  This is a great opportunity for parent date nights, time to self, and even time off for your kids so they
            can enjoy socializing with other children of a similar age group.  A Christian setting is provided with wholesome activities, food, and games all night long, and all for an AFFORDABLE

3.           Trendsetters Dance Group:  Hula and Hip/Hop:  Tuesdays, 4:30 - 5:15p  &  5:30 - 6:15p
             This dance group teaches HULA for ages 7+ (Adults included).  This class not only trains participants to develop their abilities in dance, but also uses these talents to spread the positive
             Christian message.  Class ratios will always remain low for more effective practices and noticeable results.  Performances will be held multiple times throughout the year in various
             areas of the Southern California region.  Dance classes are held in a small La Mirada apartment residence. 

             Hip hop classes are scheduled to begin for the 2018/2019 school year.

Do you require vaccinations?
NO, according to the new 2016 California vaccination laws, all public schools and even private schools now require all students to be vaccinated except "home-based" private schools/homeschools, even if traditional schools have a "personal beliefs exemption" .  Because students are enrolled with our "home-based" private school, Christian Prodigies falls under this rare exemption and therefore does not require it.  Students are welcome to join Christian Prodigies whether children are vaccinated or not.  For our other programs (weekend childcare, dance, and group), vaccinations would not be applicable as children will already be enrolled into either Christian Prodigies or another school.

What is a "rolling grade-level" admission for your homeschool program?
The school is ENTIRELY based on the same classroom.  This means that as each year passes, the same students progress, so for the 2016/2017 school year, students between the ages of 6 and 11 may enroll.  For 2017/2018 only students between 7 and 12 may enroll.  For the year 2018/2019, only students between 8 and 13 may enroll, etc.  This continues until each student in these same two classes graduates from high school.  Because of stellar academics here, children have the potential of also graduating by the age range of 14-17yrs depending on their academic assessments and test scores.

Where does the program take place?
For outdoor programs, we travel throughout the Southern California region; mainly LA County, Orange County, Inland Empire, and San Diego County.  For indoor programs, this will take place in a very small temporary "home-based" apartment until class sizes grow; after which it will move into a bigger, more permanent residential home.  This will take time and do ask for all parents to please be patient. 

Can you tell me about your "Open Door Policy" and parent participation?
Parents are always encouraged to come and help volunteer, join us on field trips, and watch their children play sports.  Although class sizes are small, we could always use the help.  Parents will be kept in a tight loop of what goes on with their children and where they will be.  They are also welcome to "spy" on their children at any time.

In addition, an annual blog/album is posted online for parents to bask in the precious memories their children are creating during this priceless time in their life. 

What happens when it rains?
Depending on the safety aspect and other weather conditions, fieldtrips may be altered, but not necessarily cancelled.  Parents should always have a working contact and will be immediately notified (typically through text) if plans are to change.  There may be an occasion or two where children will have the opportunity to play in the rain.  Parents will be asked to always dress their child accordingly.

How will I know if this program is right for my family? 
Because this is a very rare and selective program, it is imperative for the student to be a good fit for the school and the school to be a good fit for the family.  Interviews and assessments are required before enrolling.  This is a "no-nonsense" school with very strict polices and high expectations. 

This school is particularly beneficial for families and children that:
   *   Thrive on being physically active and is opposed to schoolwork overload/sitting at a desk 6+ hours
   *   Want their children to be raised with a solid Christian upbringing, positive friends and environment
   *   Want the better than traditional public/private school, nannies or even than what a personal tutor can provide
   *   Don't want their children to be vaccinated, but cannot stay home to homeschool them (work, lack of resources, lack of knowledge or desire)
   *   Want their children to have structure, discipline, be smart, be better prepared as adults, but not in an overbearing way
   *   Don't agree with what is being taught in traditional schools or the way it is taught (common core, large class sizes, controversial lessons)
   *   Want to give their child a happy, healthy, childhood (something that is becoming harder and harder to acquire)
   *   Have a demanding work schedule (Entertainment Industry, frequent travel demands) or lots of family travels that requres flexible scheduling accomodations
   *   Want their children homeschooled, but can't do it themselves for whatever reason (work, lack of resoures, lack of knowledge or desire)

This may not be a good fit if your child lacks discipline and you're not ok with the necessary change, if you disagree with the philosophy of our teachings, if you have a problem with your child traveling often, or you cannot realistically afford the school expenses.  Children are expected to do their very best for up to 6 hours of rigorous academic drills, and are still expected to behave accordingly when attending our outdoor explorations.  A "Notice of Disenrollment Form" must be filed with Christian Prodigies at least 30 days in advance.   

How do you discipline children?
The best strategy is to keep them busy and take heed to their needs.  Many school student problems arise because of the LACK of supervision, which obviously would not apply at our school.  In any case, immediate reinforcement is our main method with motivational tokens, prizes, and privileges given for positive behaviors.  Demerits, timeouts, and less privileges are given for negative behaviors or academic lag.  If your child still cannot follow instructions, unfortunately the family will be asked to withdraw.  It would be unfair to the other students and potentially dangerous for the safety of a constantly busy classroom.  All fees, deposit, and used tuition in these cases would be non-refundable.  
What are all the financial requirements for these programs?
Payments are due by the 10th of the month prior with a 5 day grace period, after which a late fee of $15 will be applied + $5/additional late day.  If full payment is not received by the end of the prior month, your child will unfortunately be disenrolled and will not be refunded their deposit.  Please see "Programs/Tuition" tab for details.  Must fill out a "Notice of Disenrollment Form" at least 30 days in advance in order to be reimbursed the deposit.

All payments to other programs, please visit the " Other Programs " tab and click the program for more information.
Cash, Check, Direct Deposit, and PayPal are the only acceptable methods of payment.  All PayPal payments will be charged the Paypal service fee.
For paypal payments, please submit to:

Do you offer discounts?
We are currently offering up to 50% off ALL programs for 2017/2018 school year.  These private programs are limited to an EXTREMELY small amount of students yet still offers the VERY BEST and MOST UNCHARTED QUALITY OF EDUCATION (no exaggeration).    In fact, there's no other school quite like it.  Pricing is set low for the unheard of quality of service provided.  No sibling discounts offered at this time. 

Successfully enroll a friend and get $100 off your tuition.

For those that cannot afford the tuition, we still welcome all students to join our homeschool group, AND/OR our Performance Team which is ABSOLUTELY FREE. 
Thank you for visiting!

For more information please email us at: