Christian Prodigies Junior Academy 

Southern   California's  Traveling  Homeschool  Classroom
 About Christian Prodigies Junior Academy

Christian Prodigies Junior Academy is a home-based private school for up to 8 school-aged children.  This ENTIRE program ONLY ever focuses on the same classroom until each student graduates high school.  The Academic curriculum is overseen by a credentialed teacher who helps to ensure that each child not only meets grade -level standards (according to the California state standards) but EXCEEDS THEM.  Our school only accepts students based on a "rolling enrollment", meaning it  will only ever enroll children in the same age group or similar learning level so as to not hinder an already accelerated program.  Our school boasts OUTDOOR SOCIALS (typically 2xs/wk), 
extremely SMALL CLASS SIZES, frequent 1:1 tutoring, hands-on projects, CUSTOMIZED coursework tailored to each child's maximized ability, beneficial electives, weekly sports classes that change monthly, adult preparation classes, superb scripture mastery, and hands-on Christian experiences.  Our school follows God's BIBLICAL CALENDARS, SABBATHS and HOLY DAYS as well as traditional school vacations days. 

This school maintains the perfect combination of TRUE Christian upbringing, academic excellence, proper future preparation, and a happy-hearted childhood with PLENTY of social play and fun.  This program by far surpasses all boundaries and expectations for ANY educational setting: public school, private school, private tutor, or homeschool.  We are proud to say that we bring out the PRODIGY in EVERY child.
Our 2017 - 2018 School Programs

Give your child the ABSOLUTE BEST of ALL WORLDS!!!  
Children are expected to work vigorously in classroom studies for 3 full days, then balance that hard work off with OUTDOOR, Social, Playtime (traveling to various locations throughout the Southern California Region).  You can be sure that here, prodigies DON'T happen by coincidence! 

Core Academics Classroom Curriculum (Reading, Writing, ELA and Math):
*  Frequent 1 on 1 tutor to child help
*  An individualized curriculum specifically molded to each child's academic abilities 
    (meaning one child may have 3rd gr reading, 2nd gr writing, 3 gr spelling, 3rd gr ela, and 4th gr math, while the other
    has 6th gr reading, 6th gr writing, 5th gr spelling, 5th gr ela, and 4th gr math)
*  Assessment Testing throughout the year to ensure children meet and exceed all California State private school standards
*  Frequent drills, consistent monitoring, and a goals mapout for each child and the progress they have made over the year

World Studies: Science, Social Studies, Real World Preparation
*  Science/Social Studies/Real World Preparation alternates throughout the month
*  Science includes frequent hands on learning, fieldtrips, science experiments, workbooks and reading 
*  Social Studies is learned through fieldtrips, hands on learning, and reading
*  Preparation Classes/Self-Reliance include:
       Safety: Stranger Danger, Safety: CPR/1st Aid/Water Safety, Cooking, Natural Disasters, Gardening, Food     
       Storage, Budgeting, Entreprenuer Skills, Economics, Occupations (8 student choices), Car Mechanics,
       Wood works, and much more! 

Elective Courses/Sports Class
*  Basic Piano:  Key note application, and basic music pieces
*  Elementary Spanish: The most common Spanish words and phrases 
*  Basic Sign Language: The Alphabet,  andthe most basic needs
*  Typing/Computer Drills:  Finger placement, speed practice drills, and academic computer drills
*  Sports Class: ice skating, football, softball, kickball, basketball, dodgeball, volleyball, track and field, and soccer

Raising Children with a FIRM CHRISTIAN FOUNDATION:
*  Children are expected to memorize their sciptures through daily drills
*  Daily Christian Lesson/Scripture Study 
*  Daily Character Building lessons/Activities, applying real life situations 
*  Weekly Service Projects serving the community, sharing the gospel, bringing spiritual light to dark places and making a
    conscious effort to make a difference in the world (including feeding the poor, volunteering at nursing homes, reading
    to dogs, sharing the Christian message with strangers, etc.)

Outdoor Fieldtrips, Fun Trips, and Socializing (at least 2 days a WEEK!!!):
Occupational Fieldtrips, Sports Class, Homeschool Park Day Socials, Berry Picking, the Farm, Picnic gatherings at the Beach, Hiking, College Tours, Lego Land, Theatre, Adventure City, Sea World, Water Park, Children's Museums, Art Exibits, Cultural Centers, Entrepreneur Fairs, Science Fairs, The Library, Self-Reliance Sites, and SOOO much more! 

Must give at least a 30 day notice to disenroll in order to be refunded deposit.  Tuition is due by the 10th of the previous month with a 5 day grace period.  Late tuition will be charged penalty fees.  Families removed from the school because of non-compliance will not be given a refund for any reason.  Cash, Direct Deposit, or Paypal ONLY (If paying through PayPal, families will be charged a Paypal service fee).

School Schedule:
     Monday          8:00a - 3:30p
      Tuesday         8:00a - 3:30p
    Wednesday      8:00a - 3:30p
     Thursday        8:00a - 3:30p
      Friday            1:00a - 3:30p
* Fridays 11:30a - 3:30 For all CP dancers
       Operating hours change March 2019

   School Day Outline:
1 Half Day:    Christian Group/Service Project
                         (Scripture Mastery, Christian Message,
                       Service Project, and or Christian Activity)
                         * Dance class is optional at no additional charge

3 Full Days:   Core Academics
                 (Reading, Writing, Spelling, ELA, Math)
1 Full Day:     Outdoor Socials
                         (Sports Class, Fieldtrips, Homeschool Socials,
                       Social Studies, Science, Career Preparation,
                       Self-Reliance, Electives)

  Tuition/Fees 2017/2018:
 $2,000/mo     Tuition (@10mos, $20,000/yr)
   $750/yr       Annual Materials Fee
    $750           Deposit (Refundable)
    $250            Recruiter Fee (when applicable)

Christian Prodigies teaches every mandated curriculum according to the California education code, and exceeds every private school requirement.  Because this is a "home-based" private school, children are not required to be vaccinated, however, all children are welcome to enroll, whether children are vaccinted or not.