Christian Prodigies Junior Academy 

Southern   California's  Traveling  Homeschool  Classroom

2018 Summer Camp
Our camp meets in a small apartment home in La Mirada, and begins each day with a Christian message (15-75mins).  From there, our outdoor adventure campers travel throughout the Southern California region to enjoy a new excursion EVERY DAY!  To maintain the quality of our camp, we keep ratios to a maximum of 1 camp counselor to 4 students!!!  This setting allows for the perfect balance between a social opportunity, and a more personal experience at the same time.

Our camp is different from any other camp because we don't stay at the same location site every day, in fact, we do SOMETHING NEW and ADVENTUROUS EVERY SINGLE DAY !!!  This is the best of all child care summer options and at the highest quality level.  Why not give your child the summer of their dreams!!!
Our camp offers activities like no other including:
Fort Building, Mud Fights, Splash Pad, Theme Park, a Fairy Hunt, Trampoline Park, Water Rafting, Cave Adventures, a Water Fall Hike, the Beach, the Children's Museum, the Water Park, and SOOO much more! 

FEES INCLUDE ALL OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS and basic activities included in general admission.  Children may also bring their own additional funds if they would like to spend it on optional expenses (examples include: food provided at excursions, souvenirs, arcade games, onsite activities, etc.).  Lunch and snack NOT included.  Parents must provide a lunch and snack daily.  Close toed shoes and appropriate attire required.

Refunds are offered if cancellation occurs 30 days before the start of the session.  No refunds for any reason will be given after this time frame.  Must pay in advance.  Cash, Checks, Mobile Deposit, or Paypal ONLY (Additional fee for bounced checks and PayPal service - 2.75%).

There is a $15 late fee for children not picked up by 4:00p.  Families will be charged $3/minute for every minute after 4:15p according to the official Christian Prodigies' clock.  Children may not attend camp until all fees are paid in full (including late fee).  Noncompliance may result in the child's expulsion from the camp.  
Session 1 (June 11 - 15):    $250
One Week Excursions Include:
Children's Museum, Sea Cave, Beach, Building Forts, Water Rafting, Water Slide, Rope Bridge, Scavenger Hunt, Christian Service Project

Session 2 (June 18 - 22):   $250 
One Week Excursions Include:
Theme Park (rides), Water Park, splash pad, Waterfall Hike, Light House Tour, Beach, Treasure Map, Christian Service Project

Session 3 (June 25 - 29):   $250
One Week Excursions Include:
Trampoline Park, Lego Forts, Tree House, Mud Fight, Art Wall Painting, Fairy Hike, Tidepool Adventures, Beach, Treasure Hunt, Christian Service Project

Session 4 (Jun 11 - 30):  $675
Three Week Excursions Include: 

ALL activities in Sessions 1, 2 and 3!
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