Christian Prodigies Junior Academy 

Southern   California's  Traveling  Homeschool  Classroom

Take some time to yourself and enjoy a date-night - You deserve it, and so do your kids!!!  Give your children their own "KIDS NIGHT OUT" with other school-aged children (6-13yrs) enjoying wholesome activities, food, and games all night long, all for an AFFORDABLE RATE!!! 
Rates per night: 
Fridays and Saturdays
6:00pm - 9:00pm
Private School Prodigies:              $20/child
5 night punchcard:                         $20/child
Regular Rate (2017/2018):           $25/child

$15 per family for each additional hour
Doors will not open before 5:50pm.  Children must be picked up by 9pm.  Families will be charged an additional $15/hr if after 9:10pm.  Must pay in advance.  Paperwork must be completely filled out before drop-off.  Food/snacks will be provided.  Each child must bring sleeping bag and/or blanket/pillow.  Please call for availability beforehand.  Vaccinations not required.