Christian Prodigies Junior Academy 

Southern   California's  Traveling  Homeschool  Classroom

Christian Prodigies "HOMESCHOOL CHILDCARE" Program
This program is specifically for families that would like for their child to learn school according to their own curriculum.  Students enrolled into this program must be able to work independently with minimal assistance.  The designated "CORE" academic classroom allows time for schoolwoork 4 days a week from
9a - 12n.  We accept students born in the year range of 2006 - 2010 (3rd - 7th grade in the 2018/2019 year).

Some other reasons to join this program include:
       *  Family that would like to homeschool their children, but cannot for whatever reason
       *  The family wants their child to have a firm foundation in Christ and still enjoy their childhood
       *  Family is in need of a safe and appropriate environment for their children
       *  The family would like to ensure that their child is ready for the real world and have a competitive edge
       *  Proper child-care is unavailable for school-aged children and/or a nanny is subpar
       *  Family is not happy with their current school (bullying, academics, controversial topics, bad influences, etc)
       *  Family is in need of FLEXIBLE homeschooling care that allows for vacations, work schedules, sleeping in, etc.
       *  This program offers the best balance between a structured classroom, frequent outdoor socials, and frequent 1 on 1

Please note:
Parent created curriculums must be approved beforehand and at least include English/Language Arts, Reading & Math. Science, Social Studies, Electives, Sports Classes, Entrepreneur/Leadership Workshops, Fieldtrips and all other areas of studies are combined with the Private School Program and are included in tuition.

       Regular Rate:                  $1250/mo Tuition
       Discounted Rate:            $350/mo for 2018/2019 Tuition (if enrolled by Dec 31, 2018)
       Materials Fee:                 $1,500
       Application Fee:             $50
       Lunch Fee:                      Must bring your own lunch (Emergency Fee $5/day)
      Schedule:                         Monday - Thursday:        8:00a - 4:00p
                                              Friday:                          12:00p - 4:00p
       Location:                        La Mirada Apartment Home (indoor classroom) + Southern California (outdoor program)
       Ages:                             8 - 12 years old (3rd - 7th Grade)
       Requirements:              Your child must be able to learn independently (including reading fluently), provide
                                       fill out paperwork beforehand, and provide proof of school enrollment elsewhere.

All excursions/fieldtrips/sports classes and outdoor expenses are included in the fee.  Emergency lunch money, a change of clothes, and appropriate attire are required at all times.  

There is a $15 late fee for children not picked up by 4:00p.  Families will be charged $1/minute for every minute after 4:10p according to the official Christian Prodigies' clock.  All paid days are non-refundable regardless of cancellation date.  Please plan accordingly.  Cash, or PayPal ONLY (additional 2.75% fee for PayPal Service)

Major Private School and Homeschool Childcare Differences

 *  the PARENT creates the curriculum they feel is best for their child
 *  Students do schoolwork independently and get help as needed 
 *  Students must be legally enrolled at a different school
 *  Lunch is not provided and must either be paid for or brought in
 *  Students pick from a list of available electives & work study programs
 *  Private school picks whatever electives/work study programs desired
 *  Childcare students may come anytime during a time/day that best fits
     their family's needs (within the school hours of availability)
 *  Private School students are required to attend during school hours
     (frequent tardies/absences will result in placement into Childcare)

Private School Details