Christian Prodigies Junior Academy

  Southern   California's  Traveling  Homeschool  Classroom
Christian Prodigies Junior Academy
Christian Prodigies Junior Academy is a home-based TRAVELING, PRIVATE SCHOOL that is dedicated to only ONE CLASSROOM of 12 homeschooling students born between 2006 - 2010, which means 4th -8th grade for the 2019/2020 school year (8 - 13yr olds).  School is in session from Sept - June and follows God's BIBLICAL CALENDARS, SABBATHS and HOLY DAYS while still accommodating traditional school vacation days.  

Our school boasts DAILY OUTDOOR EXCURSIONS, extremely small academic ratios (1 teacher: 4 students), CUSTOMIZED COURSEWORK, a structured classroom setting (12 students), beneficial ELECTIVES, a Credentialed Teacher, HANDS-ON LEARNING, successful MINDSET workshops, WEEKLY SPORTS CLASSES (new sport/month), ADULT PREPARATION, superb SCRIPTURE MASTERY, DAILY CHRISTIAN LESSONS, and weekly CHRISTIAN SERVICE PROJECTS/ACTIVITIES.  

This program by far surpasses the quality of ANY educational setting: public school, private school, private tutor, or homeschool.  We are proud to say that we bring out the PRODIGY in EVERY child.  You can be sure that here, Prodigies DON'T happen by coincidence!        
PRIVATE SCHOOL:  2019 - 2020

Christian Foundation/Mindset: 5 days (8a - 9a)
(Scripture Mastery, Christian History, Character Building, Self Mastery, Moral/Ethics, Leadership, Goals, Prosperity/Wealth, Laws of Attraction, Positivity, and Overcoming Challenges)
All students begin each day together in "spiritual hour".  This hour is the MOST IMPORTANT instruction given and embodies the very purpose of this school.  Scripture mastery and truth is instilled deep within them to help prepare them for the storms in their current and future lives.  They develop a close and genuine relationship with their Heavenly Father through daily prayer and meditation.  Mindset is a person's perspective, how they approach circumstances, how they carry themselves, and in this case, how to develop the best mindset to acheive the best of ALL WORLDS.  Children learn from the greatest philosophers, coaches, and successful gurus.  They are given a healthy dosage of real life testimonies to help boost their confidence and build strong from the inside out.  Topics include; God first, loving others, positivity, self worth, self-discipline, attitude, the power of words, families, good friends, self-reliance, the importance of their environments, ethics/morality, the power of words, establishing goals, the law of attraction, budgeting, and so much more. Students are inspired daily to live a life filled with purpose and meaning. 
Core Academics: 4 days (9a - 12p)
(Reading, Writing, Grammar, ELA, Spelling and Relevant Math)
Upon entering Christian Prodigies, each student will first take a series of exams to indicate whether or not they have tested out of ELA and Math.  If they have not tested out of 12th grade standards, they will be placed in Core Academics.  An individual curriculum is specifically molded to each childs academic abilities per subject (one child may have 4th grade reading, 6th grade writing, 5th grade spelling, 5th grade ELA, and 7th grade math, while another will have 8th grade reading, 6th grade writing, 8th grade spelling, 7th grade ELA, and 7th grade math).  Frequent drills, monitoring, and academic goals are implemented.  Children typically spend about 30-45 minutes each day working towards their dreams and career goals.  
Career Preparation: 4 days (9a - 12p)
(Related Coursework, Internship, Classroom Practice, Work Experience, On Site Fieldtrips, Individual Tutors as needed)
Career Prep is for students that have passed all levels of English Language Arts and Math (K-12th Grade).  They will still spend about 30 mins or so some days to refresh what they have learned in academics, however this is not the main concentration.  Students will generally master 12th grade education around 8th/9th grade and up.  These students are ready to delve deeper into learning about who God created them to be.  They focus on what their passions are.  They master the talents needed to realistically acheive these dreams.  Children choose WHATEVER career they want the most.  Christian Prodigies will provide tools and resources necessary to help them acheive their best.  Like anyone else, careers can change over time and if students realize it's not exactly what they thought, the same process starts over until each child is closer to being their BEST SELVES.  For example: A "Statician" is given college classes in Statistics, a related internship experience, and ample reading material/videos on what is to be expected.  The "Entrepreneur" is granted a business license, their own website, business cards, take related classes, and practices their niche at entrepreneur fairs, etc. 
Certain off-site programs are not included in tution.  Please contact us for details.  
Combined Classes: All Students
Entrepreneur/Leadership Workshops:  Lessons from the most successful people in the world, journals, vision boards, role-model meets, fieldtrips, related coursework, powerful reading assignments, and hands on experience.
World Studies: Science, Social Studies, Geography, History, Real World Preparation
Elective Courses/Adult Preparation: Life skills, basic Spanish, sign language, computers, art, and much more
Sports Classes (2x's/week): Swim, ice skating, football, softball, kickball, basketball, dodge ball, volleyball, track and field, & soccer
OUTDOOR Excursions: Fieldtrips, Fun Trips, Service Projects, Sports Classes, and Socializing EVERYDAY of the WEEK!!!
Occupational Fieldtrips, Christian Service Projects/Activities, Sports Class, Homeschool Park Day Socials, Berry Picking, the Farm, Picnic gatherings at the Beach, Hiking, College Tours, Lego Land, Theatre, Adventure City, Sea World, Water Park, Children's Museums, Art Exhibits, Cultural Centers, Entrepreneur Fairs, Science Fairs, The Library, Self-Reliance Sites, Sports Class, and SOOO much more! 
Travel Around the World Annually!!! 
1.  SCHOOL WORLD TRIP: Travel anywhere OUTSIDE of the country
2.  SCHOOL DOMESTIC TRIP: Travel in the US (outside of SoCal)
3.  FEAST OF TABERNACLES CAMPING TRIP: Annual trip to a nature centered location (usually within a 12 hour roadtrip commute)
4.  OUT OF TOWN GROUP DAY TRIP: Part of the school day with the CP Group (parents are not required to be present for this trip)
All trips are optional, however, parents/guardians must be present with their child at all times.  Tuition/fees include all airfare, field trip activities, associated camping fees, and bus transportation.  Non-CP students must pay for their own costs, housing reservations, meals, and all other expenses outside of the school's itinerary.  

Location Details:
The school will be taught from an accomodating residential home in South Bay, CA.  Exact location will be determined and announced to enrolled families by August 1, 2019.  

Typical schedule outline.  Subject to change. 
Schedule changes for the 2020/2021 school year.​​
  Class Schedule:
      Monday          8:00a - 4:00p
        Tuesday         8:00a - 4:00p
      Wednesday      8:00a - 4:00p
       Thursday        8:00a - 4:00p
        Friday          12:00p - 4:00p


   School Day Outline:
5 Days/Week:  Christian Lesson/Mindset
(Scripture Mastery, Scripture Stories, Christian Lessons, Goals, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, and Self-Mastery)            

4 Days/Week:  Core Academics (Level 1) 
(2 hours of academics + 45mins of career preparation)   

4 Days/Week:  Career Preparation (Level 2)
(2.5 hours of career preparation + 30mins of academics)    
5 Days/Week:  Outdoor Socials and Learning
(Sports Class, Fieldtrips, Funtrips, Homeschool Socials, Christian Service Projects, and Christian activities)

1-2 Days/Week: Other Subjects
 (World Studies, Adult Preparation, Electives, Sports Class, etc.)


Tuition & Fees: 2019/2020
$2,500/mo   Annual Tuition (@ 10mos)
$14,500       Materials Fee (annual) 
$250/one time     Application Fee/Family
$15/15mins       After-School Late Fees
Included                             Lunch, Snack, Fieldtrips, Sports
                                   Classes, Art, Elective Workshops,
                                   Workshops, Individual Tutors, 
                                   Internships, Service Projects,
                                   Associated Camping fees, World 
                                   Traveling Airfare/Activity Fees 
                                   (Both International and Domestic)

Optional      Annual camping trip, domestic trip, 
                                  International  trip, full time off-site

                                  career prep programs (not included
                                  in fees)

Tuition/Reoccurring Fees: $39,500/yr

Non-Refundable Holding Deposit:
 Last Month's Tuition + Materials Fee
(This is required BEFORE enrollment)

Please contact us for more details.

                Monthly Tuition Due:                
 20th of the previous month with a 5 day grace period (until the 25th of the month)

         Late Tuition Fee: $25 + $5/day       
You will be charged the late fee on the 25th of the previous month and $5/day starting on the 1st of the month

           Acceptable Payment Forms:          
Cash, Direct Deposit, or PayPal ONLY  (PayPal services require a separate fee) 

             Late Student Pickup Fee:            
Pick up is at 4:00 sharp with a 15 minute grace period.  Starting at 4:15p, families will be charged $15 every 15 minutes the student is not picked up.

                Holding Deposit Dues:              
Recurring Students are required to pay their annual holding deposit by February 1st of every year.  This ensures their continued spot for the upcoming school year.

Christian Prodigies is ran by a Credentialed Teacher and abides by every mandated curriculum according to the California education code.  Christian Prodigies exceeds every California private school requirement.  Every parent, caregiver, volunteer, and staff member is required to be fingerprinted and undergo a thorough background check before joining any school activities.